Hay Fun Run

The OI Marathon Club has cancelled the Hay Fun Run on Saturday.

Cow Bingo

Have you "Herd" the good news?
Jalapeño the Cow is ready to help you win some MOO-­‐LA!

This year Fall Festival is featuring: COW PIE BINGO!

(Cow Pie Bingo is game that puts your luck against the gastronomical actions of cow, in other words: POOP!)

This year the proceeds from Cow Pie Bingo will go to WATERisLIFE.

Each Cow Bingo Deed, for a grid of 1x1' square, is sold for $5.00. 

Deeds are now on sale and will sale on sale until either all the deeds are sold or the cow is released on the field. 

Order forms went home with the scholars. Please return with payment to your campus's front office or find the Cow Pie Booth at the Fall Harvest Festival.