Zombie Hospital and Asylum 

If you have no fear, then come take a tour of the 
Zombie Hospital and Asylum. 

Here you'll see first hand our science lab,
mental ward, ER, pediatric and surgery rooms.

Zombie Walk

Suffer from nosocomephobia? No worries!
Join us for our own version of the 1950's Stroll,
Zombie style. 

It’s time for the contest to light up the 
Zombie Walk for the Fall Festival.
It’s simple and fun for scholars.

Step 1: Get an empty milk carton.

Step 2: Parents – cut a 
hole in the carton large 
enough to place a battery operated tea light.

Step 3: Scholars – turn your milk carton into a 
zombie or your favorite character. 

Step 4: Scholars – WRITE YOUR NAME ON 
THE BOTTOM of your milk carton.

Step 5: Turn your milk carton into school on 
October 31st to be judged and used to light 
up the zombie walk at the fall festival 
(milk cartons will not be returned). 

The creator of the most creative milk 
carton will receive a prize.

Happy Decorating!